Here’s a sneak peak at something we have in the pipeline for 2013. On Point Firearms has helped design and produce a new kind of steel target that is going to take the industry by storm. The brand is Grizzly Targets— a concept put together by some active duty operators in our group, a few badass engineers, and everyone’s favorite soft-bodied gun dealer: yours truly.

Grizzly Targets and On Point Firearms understand that shooting reactive steel is one of the most fulfilling training experiences around. Steel targets allow for instant confirmation of hits and a more efficient and productive day at the range.

What separates our Grizzly Targets from everything else on the market is our beautiful, fully-galvanized finish. Don’t worry about the weather. You can leave these targets out on your property, exposed to the elements indefinitely! Forget about hauling them in and out of storage. Nothing stops a Grizzly Target. If you’re taking them on the move, the lightweight modular design makes transportation to and from the range a breeze. We’ve been testing our prototypes for the past six months and feedback from our local shooters has been amazing.

Grizzly Targets use only the finest AR500 steel– laser-cut to precise specifications. We use only the highest quality Grade 8 hardware and every cut and weld is made right here in our state-of-the-art, top-secret Tampa facility. These are 100% Made in the USA. Plus, you’re supporting small business and creating US manufacturing jobs. Right now we have three models and we’re in full production. We’ve spent a boatload of money so you don’t have to. The large silhouette target pictured comes complete with a stand for $279. The small popper shown is only $119. Shipping will begin soon, so stay tuned for more info.

This week, we have three different Colt M4s in stock, ready to ship. We have the Colt M4 Magpul with black MOE furniture, the classic M4 Carbine 6920, and the ultra-lightweight 6720 carbine– all available for immediate delivery.

COLT MAGPUL M4 CARBINE 5.56MM 16″ BLK 30RD — $1131
COLT M4 CARBINE 6920 5.56MM — $1075

Have a great week and God bless! — Evan