LWRC Individual Carbine M6 IC 5.56mm for Sale

LWRC’S Individual Carbine (IC) was developed in response to the requirements of the US Army’s Individual Carbine program. It features fully ambidextrous controls on the lower receiver: dual controls for the bolt catch, magazine release, and safety selector. The upper receiver is the evolution of the SPR platform introduced in 2011. It has a two position gas block not unlike the M6A3. The settings are for normal and suppressed fire. The user configurable rail system is similar to the one found on the SPR and REPR weapon systems. The hand guards are slim and highly ergonomic for shooters and enable the operator to have M1913 Picatinny rails where he needs them and not where he doesn’t. The 14.7″ spiral fluted barrel is 20% lighter than a conventional barrel. It is rotary cold hammer forged and have a service life of over 20k rounds. The Cerakote finish is non-IR reflective for military users. Civilian owners will receive standard Cerakote since the feature is controlled by ITAR. A Magpul MOE buttstock and pistol grip finish off the package nicely. NOTE: civilian orders will feature black, non-Cerakote barrels.

The first LWRC Individual Carbine (IC) units were scheduled to start shipping this Winter 2012, but obviously that ship date was missed. These first 500 units have finally started to ship Summer 2013 and have already been spoken for and will be in the 14.7in FDE configuration. If you’d like to place a pre-order for an IC, it’s too late. After the first 500 14.7in FDE models ship, then 14.7in black and then 16in models will begin to ship. If you don’t need the two position gas system or ambidextrous controls, a good alternative to the IC is the M6A2 SPR– also with a spiral fluted barrel.