This week we have a few items from a recent estate sale. The Colt Pony Pocketlite pictured above is my favorite. This would make a great daily carry gun and comes complete with two 6-round magazines. The other Colt is a Police Positive revolver in .38 Special dating back to the mid 1940s. Rarer than both is the Latama switchblade, made in Italy, with an 8-inch bayonet blade. It has been stored open, so the action is lightning fast. There’s also a Mk3 Enfield in .303 British with no import marks and a Smith & Wesson model 640 with no lock and more importantly: no dash! ¬†We also have a ton of .357sig ammunition left over from a previous estate sale. It’s still for sale and with the way ammunition is these days, it’s quite an attractive deal. If you don’t have any guns in .357sig, why not buy one? We have Glocks in .357sig ready to ship. When ammo supplies return to normal in 10-15 years (kidding) you can drop in a match-grade .40sw barrel and be back in common round territory. I have a few local customers who have recently made the switch to .357sig based entirely on the availability of these rounds. It’s worth thinking about. Here are some links to the items:

Have a good one and God bless. — Evan