In case you haven’t been keeping score, society has pretty much gone down the tubes over the last 40 years– and the rate of decline seems to be exponential. Take the recent episode in Nairobi. Mass shootings happen– albeit infrequently. They’re statistical anomalies. Nevertheless, they are the reality of the modern world. So, it would behoove us to prepare for that unlikely event– not unlike the way we insure our homes in the event of an unlikely natural disaster.

There is evil in the world. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. I’m preaching to the choir here, because you already know this. You have taken measures to become a responsible firearms owner. You know it is ridiculous to rely on the State to protect you. You know that when seconds count, help is only minutes away.

On Point Firearms has been in business for over 10 years now, and since then I have heard more stories from my local customers about armed confrontations where rounds were discharged than I have fingers to count them on. I have heard 10 times as many stories where a firearm was brandished and no rounds were fired– thereby defusing violence. Truly, it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. These accounts vary from 1 round fired to multiple rounds fired, requiring a magazine change. Based on these real life scenarios rarely reported in the media, we know that it is a best practice to carry extra ammunition on your person.

God forbid you are ever attacked. But if you are, the odds are: your attacker will be armed. In a best case scenario, it might be a club or edged weapon. More likely, it will be a handgun. In a worse case, it may be a coordinated attack by multiple bad guys using long arms with many more rounds than you carry on your person everyday. It might be a street level thug with little training or as we saw in Nairobi, they may be highly trained. You might find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Situational awareness helps, but when the unthinkable happens, it’s best to have tools at your disposal.

You’re not John Rambo. If you are Mr Rambo, please don’t read any further. You have already done enough for this country and for the people in far away lands. We thank you for your service, Sir.

Here are some things I have learned from my customers with experience dealing with and surviving armed attacks. The clients that carried one magazine and/or low capacity firearms (revolvers) wished they had more ammunition available. By the grace of God, multiple attackers were either not present, or they fled after the shooting started. The clients that had a surplus of ammunition after the shooting stopped were comforted and prepared for follow up attacks. As a gunfighter, not simply a gun owner, you have three choices:

1. Give up your arms, buy a Prius, vote in Obama for a third term, and rely on the State for all of your needs. A full frontal lobotomy might help this bad medicine taste better on the way down.
2. Increase your firepower. Change your wardrobe to allow for more magazines. Train more. Pray that you are never tested.
3. Embrace the status quo and rest on your laurels. The odds are nothing will ever happen to you.

The vast majority of shooters will opt for the latter, simply because it is easy. However, even the most elite operators NEVER stop training. We should follow their example and strive to be better– to improve continuously. Nobody is perfect. Your goal should be to attain a skill level that is superior to your foe, if and when that ever happens– at home or in public. At the shopping mall or your place of worship. At the most mundane location when evil chooses to strike. Prepare for the worst.

So, when you look down at your waist, what do you see? Hopefully, you see your feet in the distance. Fitness is a cornerstone of being able to defend yourself. Do you have a small caliber pistol in your pocket with one magazine? An anemic .380acp prone to jamming with virtually non-existent sights? Is it your old trusty wheel gun with 5 rounds of .38 Special? Do you have extra speed loaders or magazines in the other pocket? Is it a quality semi-automatic full size, compact, or subcompact in 9mm or better? Have you ever fired it before? When was the last time you trained with this weapon system? Where are your extra magazines? Are they readily available? Have you practiced deploying these extra magazines? These are all things to think about when analyzing your current load out.

You don’t need to walk around in a Haley Strategic chest rig with an AR15 slung over your shoulder when you buy a coffee at Starbucks. It is much better to maintain a low profile and retain the element of surprise should you ever need it. Consider a pair of 5.11 pants. The Taclite series is my favorite. The Stryke series is more low profile. The Jean is even more so. However, the exterior magazine pouch on the Taclite allows you to carry two 17rd Glock magazines. A Galco Triton holster is a very comfortable way to carry a full size or compact pistol or revolver at your appendix. Recently, many instructors have adopted the appendix carry and have proven that draws are quicker and more fluid– decreasing the time to fire your first round on target. A quality gun belt like the 1.5″ HSGI Cobra Rigger keeps your pants from hitting the deck. The setup pictured above affords you a Glock 26 with 12+1 loaded and two 17rd magazines– for a total of 47 rounds of 9mm. That sounds a lot better than 5-6rds of .380acp or .38spl, doesn’t it?

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That’s all for this week. Stay On Point and God bless you and yours. — Evan