If you haven’t seen the new select fire USM4 Mode 3 rifle, you’re in for a treat! Click here to watch the video of this rifle achieving an amazing rate of fire. The key is the new TACCON 3MR trigger system that is the closest thing you can get to full auto without a tax stamp. It’s much better than the SlideFire stock and is going to be available soon as a drop-in trigger group for only $495. Right now, they’re only selling as part of a complete USM4 rifle. The best part: it’s BATFE Approved– for now, and no NFA registration is required. Just lock and load and proceed to rock and roll– ammo supply permitting, of course. The trigger is NP3 coated and features a standard 4.5lb pull in semi-automatic mode. In burst mode, there is zero take-up and no over-travel. That’s the key to the trigger’s incredible rate of fire. The rest of the rifle build is top tier, as you can see in the tech specs. Retail is $2695, but right now we’re running a special on our initial shipment of five (5) units. They’re only $2299! So, it pays to be an early adopter. This is a revolutionary system, so be sure to check out the video here.

That’s all for today. Have a good one and God bless! — Evan