Today, we’re featuring a couple of items at historic low, blowout prices. First, we have the Arsenal SLR106FR Krinkov pistol in 5.56mm. In good times, this amazing piece goes for $999. But with a glut of inventory and sluggish market conditions, we’re blowing these out at 50% OFF: only $499. That’s UNDER dealer wholesale cost. We have two units available at this price. This is the perfect foundation for a Krinkov short barrel rifle build. Just use BATFE Form 1 and add a folding stock. [Click here]

We’ve also got one LWRC M6A2 rifle left over from last year. It’s the last of the classic M6A2s before LWRC switched over to ambidextrous M6IC lower receivers on all of their guns. For that reason, we’ve got it BELOW DEALER COST: only $1599. [Click here]

That’s all for this week, my friends. Have a good weekend and God bless. — Evan