15 years ago, I purchased my first SureFire flashlight: the venerable model 6P. At the time, it offered users an impressive 60 lumens of power. An optional 120 lumen bulb kit afforded a staggering amount of light while sucking two CR123 batteries dry in less than six minutes! I remember shining it up at the big oak tree in the backyard. The bleary-eyed raccoon we spotted couldn’t believe flashlight technology had progressed so far.

Since then, I’ve added to my SureFire inventory. When LED bulbs started to replace the thirsty Halogens, I picked up the next evolution of the iconic 6P– the aptly named 6P LED. Then, a few years ago the Fury took the world of personal illumination to new heights. 500 lumens in a compact flashlight is almost unfathomable– especially to the raccoons still recovering from that initial 120 lumen blast from the 6P! The NEW Fury P3X boasts an unthinkable 1000 lumens of power.

SureFire’s range has expanded over the years to include industry-leading silencers, knives, and even fine writing instruments. The products have such longevity that I would call them heirloom quality tools– no different from Snap-on. They are the antithesis of the cheap, throwaway merchandise that we have been duped into consuming lately. SureFire doesn’t employ planned obsolescence strategies like Apple Computer. Rather, they provide its loyal clients with an upgrade path and keep legacy products near and dear to their hearts. For instance, if I fancied an LED upgrade to my original 6P, I could have it for a reasonable price. Replacement parts are always available and SureFire lights are all backed with an unmatched warranty and superb customer service. And perhaps best of all: SureFire products are still designed and built right here in the USA.

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I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day weekend. Out of respect for the Fallen, I didn’t send out any promotions over the weekend. I think the emphasis on consumerism during such a serious national holiday threatens to overshadow the sacrifice of those that gave their lives for this honorable nation. God bless the souls of the men and women that paid the ultimate price for the freedom and safety we enjoy here in the United States. May God bless America.

— Evan