Guns & Coffee was a success last Saturday– bringing together friends both old and new. Unfortunately, we didn’t sell a lot of merchandise. Surprisingly, there were no takers on the $2000-3500 1911s from Ed Brown, Les Baer, and Nighthawk Custom.  Most showed up for the FREE RAFFLE and FREE COFFEE. That’s just how the market is right now, I suppose. So, we’re going to be listing the leftover clearance items this week. Stay tuned for great deals. First up: a set of four (4) Glock 33 round 9mm stick mags. $25/each for a total of $100 shipped ($170 value). This is WAY below dealer cost.  We’ve also got two leftover Glock 43 single stack 9mm for, wait for it… only $425.  Glock 42 pocket 380acps for only $399.

In other news: Facebook activity is dead, and we received a lot of feedback from our customers that don’t like exposing their gun collections and activity on the social media behemoth. I don’t blame them since I consider Facebook a direct line into the NSA. So, we’ll be transitioning to Instagram for all of our updates. It’s a less cluttered and beautiful platform for photos and offers an elegant interaction with friends and fans. The gun community has been on Instagram for years and there’s a strong following. Check out @onpointfirearms We just started and have only 300 followers, so please share with your friends and help us grow! We’ll be doing giveaways on there as well, so stay tuned.  Sorry, no FREE COFFEE.  As I understand, it’s a technical limitation.  Have a good rest of your week and stay tuned for updates to our clearance section. God bless you and yours. — Evan