Howdy, friends of On Point Firearms. Today, we have a few things to talk about:

Item #1 is the latest shipment of Magpul PMAG17 mags for Glock 9mm pistols. They’re in stock for $15.99/each and Magpul has solved the issue with G26 and G19 compatibility. So, these mags are good to go.

Item #2 is one of the best returns on investment for your AR15: an upgraded trigger. And there’s no better trigger than Geissele— a name synonymous with precision. With a match grade trigger from Geissele Automatics, you’ll immediately notice your shooting improve. Groups will tighten. Resets will lessen. The seas will part and the Egyptians will be smitten. It’s biblical, folks. The classic SSA is my favorite, but if you’re looking for something radical and unique, try the Super Dynamic flat trigger. They even have models for the FN SCAR and IWI Tavor! Right now, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING and a guaranteed low price on all Geissele triggers. Use coupon code GEISSELE during checkout.

Item #3 is the exclusive, new, limited edition run of Grey Glocks. Lipsey’s, one of our distributors, is always keen on working with Glock to bring dealers special editions. They’re the same folks responsible for the Larry Vickers and Full FDE Glocks. They’re going to sell quickly, so make sure to bookmark this link and add yourself to the waiting list.

Item #4: if you haven’t bought one of our super tactical transport packs yet, what are you waiting for? They’re only $64.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Buy two (2) or more and save 20%. Perfect for dad. Perfect for kids going back to school in just another month or so.

That’s all for today, my friends. Have a good rest of your week and God bless you and yours. — Evan