The Griffin Armament Linear Compensator is the perfect compliment to the QD Blast Shield. It sends the unpleasant concussive blast where it belongs: down range. It’s a polite alternative to a traditional muzzle brake and your neighbors on the firing line will appreciate it. The QD Blast Shield works well with most standard muzzle devices, so if you’re fond of your current flash hider or brake, don’t worry. The QD Blast Shield slides right over and locks down with the help of an elegant retaining mechanism. The Linear Comp and Blast Shield are $99 and $150, respectively.

We are proud to be War Sport‘s newest dealer. In addition to complete rifle packages, we also offer upper receivers. They do not require an FFL dealer for transfer and ship directly to your home address. Click here for more info.

Fellow NRA members will recall the Ruger Precision Rifle on cover of the new American Riflemen. From initial reviews, this looks like a winner. Under $1500 MSRP and subMOA accuracy from a relatively lightweight and modular platform. We have the .308win variant on order and should be arriving soon. Add yourself to the waiting list here.

Finally, we have the hot new Heckler & Koch P30SK “SubKompact” coming later this week. Click here to reserve yours today. We’ll have a detailed photo gallery later this week.

Until then, have a good ‘un and God bless! — Evan