For several years, I’ve been carrying the Benchmade Adamas fixed blade and folder knives. The latter is attached to my everyday carry pack: a Maxpedition Sitka. It goes with me everywhere– and thanks to its coyote Kydex rig, it goes largely unnoticed. The same can be said for the aforementioned folding knife. It’s all business and doesn’t have a lot of flash– unless, of course, you count the speed at which it deploys its razor sharp D2 steel blade. The patented Axis technology makes opening the knife easy, but once it is locked in place it is as rigid as its fixed blade brother. The knives were both over $200 a piece, and have served me well. Today, we’re featuring the Adamas’ cousins: the Heckler & Koch Axis and Dispatch.

The Axis and Dispatch are made of the same, razor sharp and rugged D2 tool steel. And not unlike the Adamas folder, the Axis folder features G10 handles– except with a much rougher texture– similar to a 140 grit sandpaper. The handle is also very flat and ergonomic. It feels great in your hand. By process of elimination, you can tell that the HK Dispatch is the fixed blade. Its handles are a proprietary substance called Santoprene– Neoprene’s Spanish cousin. With so many similarities, it’s no surprise that all of these knives are made in the USA by the same company: Benchmade. The marriage of the two iconic companies (HK and Benchmade) continues to bring some of the most interesting knife designs in the industry.

We’re excited to offer our clients these uncompromising blades. For a photo gallery and more information on ordering one of these superb knives, click on one of the links below. For a quick video over-viewing this series, click here.

HK Axis Folding Knife… $139
HK Dispatch Fixed Blade Knife… $89