Today, we’re launching an exciting new concept here at On Point Firearms: The Dollar Gun Club. As the name alludes, the Dollar Gun Club offers its members a chance to purchase a gun for only one dollar ($1). It’s simple: members of the Club pay $10/month. Those membership fees are used to procure the Gun of the Month at dealer cost. The number of members enrolled in the Club determine the type of the gun we can afford. For example, 35-40 members would allow us to buy something like the Glock 42 in .380acp (40 x $10 = $400). And that’s precisely what we’re planning to do this month!

September’s Gun of the Month is the G42. We will select a random member of the Club to purchase the aforementioned firearm for only $1. What happens if you’re not selected? Well, membership in the Dollar Gun Club will be reciprocal with our VIP Program. So, you’ll be able to buy thousands of items at dealer wholesale pricing. Our goal is to get to 1000 members. At that point, we’ll have enough membership fees each month to offer something extraordinary– like the Barrett M82A1. Or something from Accuracy International. The possibilities are endless. And the potential is limitless. The odds are also better than Las Vegas. We’re hoping to build a community that makes dreams become reality. And we’d like to have you, our loyal client, there with us on the ground floor. Please take a moment and visit our new website: for more info.