A few days ago, we officially launched The Dollar Gun Club. It’s an exciting program that affords members the chance to purchase a select Gun of the Month for only $1. Today, we’re announcing a few tweaks to the program:

First: we are rewarding members who join in September. These folks will be known as Tier 1 Members, since they will have been with us since the beginning of the program. Each month, these members will enjoy an additional chance of winning the Gun of the Month for only $1.

I also wanted to let you know how the lucky member will be selected each month. We’re going to announce the winner via a YouTube video where I will use the random number generator on Random.org to select the number of the winner. The number corresponds to the line on an Excel spreadsheet where the members will be listed. Don’t worry: we’re only going to show the first initial and last name of the winning member, not the e-mail address or order number.

So, that’s it. Sign up this month and double your chances in the future. That’s an incentive to become a Tier 1 Member and get in on the ground floor. Remember: you can also refer a friend and earn another chance to win. That extra chance also stays with you as long as the other member is active in the program. So, we’re giving you extra opportunities to win just for referring friends and for joining during the month of September.

Spread the word and help us get this thing off the ground! We only need 21 more members for us to make the Glock 42 threshold this month. That will give members about 1:40 odds this first month. That’s not bad for only $10. From there, we plan on giving away a more expensive Glock model next month, and bigger and better prizes each following month. We’re also going to give away second and third place prizes, such as belts, knives, and flashlights, etc. Remember: our ultimate goal is to have 1,000 active members so that one lucky member will be able to buy a Barrett M82 for only $1! As the membership base grows in size, so will the cost of the prize. Your odds will diminish, but the potential for winning a huge prize makes it well worth while. 1:1000 isn’t bad for a $10k Barrett, right!?

Thanks for your support of this idea. I think as the community grows, it will become more and more exciting. We welcome your input. If you have any ideas or feedback, please feel free to share it with me. — Evan