We’ve just received another shipment of the superb CZ Scorpion EVO— one of the hottest guns of 2016. This remarkable 9mm pistol can easily be converted to short barrel rifle (SBR) format. It’s also a great host for silencers. There is a growing aftermarket with everything from stocks and braces to charging handles and flat triggers. When compared with the Sig Sauer MPX and HK SP5, it’s also a tremendous value at only $859.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea for Dad, consider this fine writing instrument from Microtech. Yes, they make pens! This is the Siphon II. This clever ball point features a unique lever action design and not unlike other Microtech products, is machined from the finest materials. It’s the perfect size for pocket carry and you’ll enjoy the mechanical function every time you use you. The Siphon II accepts standard Fisher Space Pen refills– so you can write upside down, underwater, and… in space!

This is your last opportunity to take advantage of our ammo sale. As a result of the carnage in Orlando, the distributors are almost completely out of 5.56mm NATO ammunition. We’ve seen this before. Once they’re out, they’re going to stay out. And prices will go up accordingly. The $9.25 MOE PMAGs are already sold out.  One of our suppliers has sold 200k mags in two days. We only limited quantities of Gen3 and MOE w/window models for $10.99 and $11.99, respectively. Click here to place your order while supplies last.