Perhaps you’ve noticed the sights on many pocket autos are almost nonexistent. Take the Ruger LCP, for example. This is why aftermarket laser systems for these pint-sized pistols have become so popular. The Crimson Trace LaserGuard has been the dominant player in the market, but it requires a special holster to accommodate the laser. A new product by Laserlyte solves that problem– and gives users a lower cost to boot Laserlyte’s Side Mount Laser fits Ruger LCPs and Kel-tec P3AT and P32 models. MSRP is only $99.95 and it installs easily in minutes. Best of all: it doesn’t change the profile of your weapon. So, you can use your trusty old holster. Laserlyte has also introduced side mount lasers for Taurus and S&W revolvers (see below).

Our clearance section is once again overflowing with steals and deals. For instance, we have Kahr magazines for only $20/each, 30rd USGI magazines with green followers for only $5/each, a 5.11 Tactical Messenger bag for $75, and a Laserlyte green carbine laser for only $150! Click here to visit our clearance section today.

That’s all for today, my friends. Have a good ‘un and God bless! — Evan

Price: $ 89.00

Price: $ 88.13

Price: $ 100.83

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fn scar heavy 17s for sale

Happy Wednesday, folks. We’ve just received another two units of the elusive SCAR Heavy 17s— this time in black. If you haven’t seen the SCAR Heavy in its stealthy black finish, check out our photo gallery here.

As you know, magazines for this rifle are pretty hard to get right now, but we’re starting a waiting list for our clients. You can click the “notify me” link and add your e-mail address to the list. Once we receive more stock, you’ll get an e-mail reminder.

If you’re looking for a good source of inexpensive .308win ammo, we’ve got you covered with our deal on 1000 round cases of 150-grain Magtech. Only $559 shipped!

That’s all for today, my friends. Enjoy the photos of the SCAR 17S Heavy. Have a good one and God bless!

— Evan

Price: $ 2796.15

Price: $ 32.00

Price: $ 559.00

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fn scar 17s heavy review for sale

I’ve handled the FN SCAR 17S Heavy several times in the shop and at Shot Show. I’ve talked to buddies who get issued the Heavy and heard the stories of long range kills using short 13-inch barrels. However, I haven’t had any trigger time with the SCAR Heavy– that is, until Crazy Bill invited me to the range last Friday morning. Here are my observations, and some video of our group shooting the Heavy. [click here for the video]

The SCAR Heavy is a phenomenal piece of hardware. Ergonomics are superb. The rifle is easy and comfortable to get on target– and after the shooting starts, the first thing you’ll notice is the almost nonexistent felt recoil. It’s light– 5.56 light. Not the sort of recoil you would expect from a hard-hitting 7.62. The second thing that you’ll notice, especially if you’re standing next to it, is the flash and concussion from FN’s proprietary muzzle device. The muzzle brake is working overtime to suppress that recoil– and it’s doing a heck of a job!

If you read my review of the SCAR light, you’ll recall that I thought the large bolt helped to spread the recoil over a larger surface area– and smooth out the recoil. The same is true for the SCAR Heavy. A byproduct of all of that metal on metal action is, of course: heat. When I say the SCAR Heavy is “the HEAT” and/or “the FIRE,” I’m not only conveying my enthusiasm for the rifle– I’m also telling you it gets really darned hot! Rail covers and a pair of gloves are mandatory.

Now, let’s talk about accuracy. Good ergonomics and light recoil translate into confident hits down range. We were working the steel consistently and in rapid succession from 75-100 yards– standing, off hand. Bill chose to employ a Trijicon TriPower with red chevron reticle. That setup worked well on the SCAR Heavy and in our opinion, earned high marks in the optics category.

Those are the pros. Now… for the cons: There are only a few that I can think of. First is price and availability. The Heavy ain’t cheap and it’s still playing hard to get. Second is the issue of magazine supply for this thirsty bloke. The SCAR 17S only ships with one 20rd mag. The S must stand for “single mag.” That’s no fun when you’re trying to blast through a pile of ammo. In the aftermarket, C-Products makes a 25rd magazine for the Heavy, but those are hard to get as well. Rest assured, these problems will solve themselves over time. As the supply of Heavies increase in the civilian sector, prices will stabilize and companies like Magpul will have an incentive to develop magazines for the platform. In the meantime, SCAR Heavy owners can pay top dollar for extra magazines on Gunbroker.com or use their trusty Dremel to modify old FAL mags.

The SCAR Heavy is unlike any other 7.62mm NATO carbine that I’ve fired. It offers shooters a rare combination: an accurate, lightweight, and hard-hitting rifle, with a gentle recoil and excellent ergonomics. The SCAR 17S Heavy is a winner. After shooting the Heavy, I’m already planning to purchase one for myself… and one of AAC’s new 762-SDN-6 suppressors… and an Elcan Specter DR. Man, this is going to be expensive. You guys have to buy more stuff from me!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day weekend. God bless America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. May it every be so. Have a good rest of your week, my friends. God bless you and yours!

— Evan

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Price: $ 589.87

Price: $ 178.00

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lwrc spr rifle for sale

LWRC’s new SPR rifle is based on the firm’s ultra-reliable, short stroke, piston operated M6A2 series. It borrows the lightweight modular rail system from its bigger brother: the 7.62mm REPR. However, the SPR-MOD rail on the SPR is 12″ long and 5% lighter. Under that rail hides a 16″ NiCorr-treated cold hammer-forged barrel. Using a very advanced manufacturing technique, the aforementioned barrel has been spiral-fluted. This shaves a staggering 20% of the barrel’s weight! In fact, total weight (unloaded) is 7.40lbs– according to our scale at the shoppe. The SPR also sports MagPul’s MIAD grip and new ACS stock. The flip-up front and rear sights are now made in house by LWRC and aptly named “Skirmish Sights.” You’ll also notice LWRC’s own QD sling plate between the receiver and stock. The first 200 units were available in a few Cerakote color called “Patriot Brown.” The SPR unit featured in our photo gallery is in Flat Dark Earth. It is also available in Olive Drab. The SPR is $2356.

The Patriot Brown color scheme was so popular, LWRC now offers it as an option on all of its rifles. Cerakote finishes are a $150 option.

Happy Flag Day, everyone. Have a good one and God bless!

— Evan


Price: $ 305.62

Price: $ 92.26

Price: $ 853.01

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Question: what’s the best thing to happen to shooters since the Gen4 Glocks were introduced last year? The answer, of course, is the Gen2 version of On Point Firearms’ legendary shooter’s hat!

Not unlike the iconic Glock, it’s hard to improve on perfection– but somehow we’ve found a way. This year, we’ve removed the little button from the top of our hat– making it more comfortable when you’re wearing hearing protection.

This is no ordinary hat, folks. It has a rich history. Since 2009, our hat has been made in the USA by a former Green Beret. In fact, many of our high speed clients say it’s their favorite hat. It has seen action all over the globe– from the Appalachian trail to the mountains of Afghanistan. It’s been to hell and back. This is your opportunity to spend the best $25 you’ve ever spent. Buy an On Point Firearms shooter’s hat today, and start making history! There are two easy paths to ownership:

1. Buy it now for only $25. Shipping is FREE!

2. Join our exclusive VIP membership program for a year. The program allows you to purchase at dealer wholesale cost– a significant savings over our everyday low price. We’ll ship you one of these awesome hats for FREE. It’s our gift to you for staying On Point!

Wear it in good health, my friends. Thanks again for your continued support and God bless.


Price: $ 25.00

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Larry Vickers is about as hardcorps as they come– the honey badger of the human race. Daniel Defense just came out with this epic video of Vickers’ torture test of the company’s M4 carbine. [click here for the video]

This is easily one of the most intense torture tests I’ve seen. I mean, Vickers is shooting the rifle with a shotgun and dropping it out of a helo, for Pete’s sake! It’s really amazing and testament to the robust quality built into every Daniel Defense product. Believe me, you’re going to want one of these rifles once you watch the video. Get your credit cards ready. :)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, folks. God bless America and the warriors who protect her.


DD M4 556NATO 16″BLK 30RD PKGE DD M4 V2 556NATO 16″ 30RD 7″ OMEGA DD M4 V3 556NATO 16″ 30RD (MID-LENGT
Price: $ 1323.97

Price: $ 1323.97

Price: $ 1323.97

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Howdy, friends. This week, we’re proud to introduce our On Point Essentials line of equipment– designed specifically with the modern shooter in mind. We’ve hand-picked this quality gear for you: our valued client. So, you know it’s good to go and priced right!

The first item we’re featuring is the Operator hat. As you’ve probably noticed, this style of hat is really popular in the tactical shooting community. It has plenty of hook and loop Velcro surface for affixing flag, unit, and morale patches. It’s available in khaki, olive drab, and operator black. One size fits all, but you can mix and match colors and patches for a completely custom look. Best of all: the Operator hat is only $9. You just can’t beat that value!

Another special that’s in the pipeline for our loyal members is our summer gun giveaway series. Basically, we’re going to give away a new gun every month this summer. The giveaway is open to all current VIP members. We’ll randomly select a winner from our database of members. The first giveaway will probably be a Ruger LCR. So, it’s not going to be a bottom of the barrel, el cheapo special. It’ll be a professional grade handgun that’s truly “on point.” More details to follow soon.

Until then, thanks again for your support. Have a good one and God bless. — Evan


It’s not surprising that the Class 3 NFA market has burgeoned over the last several years. Knowledge is power and more and more citizens are learning that owning a silencer, short-barreled rifle (SBR), or machinegun is not only LEGAL– but a heck of a lot of fun too!

Silencers, or sound suppressors, are the most popular of the lot. Many Class 3 shooters start out with an inexpensive .22lr suppressor. They’re super quiet and you can afford to put a lot of rounds down range. One of the most popular platforms to suppress has been the venerable Ruger MKII/III series. Until now, most users have had to rely on expensive aftermarket threaded barrel assemblies, but Ruger has recently introduced this little gem to the market: The Mark III 22/45 Threaded Barrel. It’s ready to host the .22lr silencer of your choice– right out of the box!

The aptly named Ruger MkIII 22/45 Threaded Barrel won’t break the bank either. It’s comparably priced with other standard Mark II/III models. It features a bull barrel that is factory threaded at the industry standard 1/2x28tpi. The 1911 grips are interchangeable and easily swapped out for your favorite type– a huge plus for training. When you hold the 22/45, it’s just like holding a standard 1911 in .45acp. [click here for the MkIII gallery]

Ruger is offering two iterations of the 22/45 Threaded Barrel right now: one with standard fixed sights and another with M1913 Picatinny rails for mounting optics, lasers, and lights. For a limited time, On Point is offering our own in-house version: “The Quiet Professional,” featuring ERGO XTR grips and a Burris FastFire II red dot for $545 (suppressor not included.) [click here for the Quiet Professional gallery]

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend and God bless! — Evan

Ruger MKIII 22-45 Quiet Professional w/ Burris FastFire Ruger MKIII 22-45 4.5″ THREADED SGTS 10150 22LR / THREADED BARREL Ruger MKIII 22-45 4.5″ THREADED RAIL 10149 22LR / PICATINNY RAIL 10149
Price: $ 545.00

Price: $ 343.69

Price: $ 343.69

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First and foremost, I want to extend a hearty “Thank You!” to all the quiet professionals involved in bringing swift, jacketed hollow-point, boat-tailed justice to UBL on Sunday. You are truly our nation’s best and we are extremely proud of what you do for us on a daily basis.

It seems awkward to discuss anything else this week, but I made a promise to a good friend to launch his new product today. So, that’s what we’re going to do.

This is a project we’ve been working on with our friend, Adriaan– action shotgun discipline leader at our local Wyoming Antelope Club. It’s a magazine coupler for the Saiga semi-automatic 12ga shotgun that we’ve dubbed the “Flying Dutchman,” in honor of Adriaan. The coupler is machined right here in St. Pete, FL, out of aluminum and works well with all SureFire 8, 10, and 12rd magazines. We’re proud to offer this exclusive new product to our customers for only $40. Click here for pictures and video of the Flying Dutchman Magazine Coupler in action.

In other news, we’ve just received our first shipment of the new Sig Sauer P290, Ruger MKIII 22/45 threaded tactical, and more 62gr XM855 ammo.

We’ll have more for you later in the week. Until then, have a good one and God bless. — Evan

SIG P290 9MM 6RD 2.9″ DT FNS Ruger MKIII 22-45 4.5″ THREADED RAIL 10149 22LR / PICATINNY RAIL 10149 FED FEXM855LCAC2 556NATO 62GR 820/CAN
Price: $ 627.32

Price: $ 343.69

Price: $ 499.00

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“Mister Five-Five-Six” is finally here: the Heckler & Koch MR556-A1 — the civilian version of the HK416. Until now, this piston-driven powerhouse has only been available to the world’s most elite commandos. Well folks, it’s no longer vaporware for us civvies. They’re actually shipping to dealers and we just received our first unit (serial #500) yesterday. Upon inspection, I can tell you it was worth the wait!

Not unlike an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes saloon– the MR556-A1 is the fusion of high performance and subtle, elegant features. This is German engineering at its finest. Minute details include detent springs built into the receiver’s take-down pins, a beveled magazine well, and ingenious storage compartments found within the proprietary pistol grip and buttstock– both of which utilize o-rings for weatherproofness.

It’s amazing someone hasn’t thought of this before now: the ambidextrous safety selectors on the MR556 can be engaged at all times and don’t require a cocked hammer. The barrel extension, internal trigger parts, and bolt carrier group are all treated to HK’s own super-slick, self-lubricating coating. HK calls the trigger “an enhanced two stage,” and after dry firing, I can attest to that claim. It’s crisp and has a very smooth and definitive reset. The buffer is the best looking in the business. Who could miss the giant red center dot and brilliant HK logo? The buffer, along with its spring and buffer locking pin, are more robust than their standard mil-spec counterparts. The dust cover is polymer, which was odd– but I’m sure Heckler & Koch had a good reason for designing it that way.

The thick and heavy contoured 16-inch, 1:7 twist barrel is German-made, hammer-forged, and is NOT chrome-lined. HK believes the best accuracy is achieved via an unlined bore. In addition, the muzzle end has been swaged to achieve a slightly smaller diameter– which HK says improves velocity and accuracy.

The bolt is spring loaded into the carrier group and stays in the extended position– making assembly easier than a conventional BCG. The firing pin retaining pin is captive, so you won’t have to worry about losing it. The piston system itself is easily one of the most elegant and serviceable in its class– and that’s saying a lot. And the MR556-A1 ships with one of Heckler & Koch’s legendary steel maritime magazines, a handy tool, and HK’s signature front and rear diopter sights.

[ click here for the epic HK MR556-A1 photo gallery ]

Perhaps most surprising of all is the price point. An HK aficionado is no stranger to exorbitant figures. At under $2400 for members of our exclusive VIP program, the HK MR556-A1 is in line with other premium gas piston ARs on the market and dare I say it, an excellent value. That’s all for today, my friends.

Have a good one and God bless!

— Evan

Price: $ 2691.10

Price: $ 62.65

Price: $ 49.55

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