Attention Shooters: The first batch of Heckler & Koch HK416s has just arrived at On Point Firearms! But before you start running around your house or office screaming with happiness– these are the .22 caliber look-a-likes made by Walther/Umarex in Germany. Don’t get me wrong. They look and feel great, and they’re officially licensed just like the Colt M4s and M16s made by the same company. And let’s face it: they might be the closest thing you’ll get to a real HK416 for quite some time. Oh, and the best part… they’re only $544.43 at On Point Firearms.

The look and feel is so convincing thanks to several key features. First, you’ve got the red and white bullet markings that are trademark to famous Heckler & Koch firearms like the HK416, UMP, and legendary MP5. The HK pistol grip and butt stock are just like the proprietary designs that the company introduced with the HK416 and HK417 so many years ago. The rail system, front, and rear diopter sights look like the same you’ll find on a real deal HK416.

Umarex has done another thing to trick the eye and keep shooters guessing. The new HK416 comes with a 20rd magazine, which is the same size as a real 30rd 5.56mm NATO mag– adding to the overall deception. If you recall, the Colt M4 and M16 clones had a 30rd mag, but it stuck out of the magazine well the distance of a goofy 40-rounder.

If you’re one of the many shooters on the market looking for a new cost-effective plinker for training– the new HK416 from Walther/Umarex is a great option. It’s also a great gun for younger shooters looking for that authentic look. Make no mistake: put one of these under the Christmas tree for junior and you’ll solidify your rank as “World’s Greatest Dad” for many years to come! HK/Umarex also has MP5 and MP5-SD clones in the pipeline, which should be arriving soon as well.

Of course, you’ve got to see this thing to believe it… hence, the photo gallery here. [click here for the HK416 photo gallery]

Have a good one and God bless!

— Evan


When it comes to concealed carry, I think a lot of you are in the same boat as me. You need a daily carry gun that works in all styles of dress– or lack thereof in my case. Although I’m a firm believer that you need to dress around your carry gun, I still require a solution that works in the pocket as well as it does in my ever-expanding waistband. That’s why on most days, I carry the Glock 26 9mm subcompact.

The reasons are many, but reliability has always been paramount. Glocks run dirty, cold, wet, dry, run over by an F350 SuperDuty, and hanging inverted using a Teeter Hangups. You can count on it and it WILL go bang when you need it most. The only malfunctions I’ve ever experienced with my Glock 26 were my fault: mainly the incorrect installation of an extended slide lock. Thankfully, I caught this potentially dangerous mistake by range testing the gun after the part’s installation– an important step anytime you modify your weapons system. So, reliability is reason number one for carrying my baby Glock.

Reason #2 is accuracy. You’ve got to make hits count with your concealed carry weapon. I’ve found that the little G26 can make 25 yard hits and group as well as its bigger brother: the model 19. The trigger is superb– especially when you add a Scherer 3.5lb connector. Some naysayers lecture about the possible legal ramifications of having a “hair trigger” installed in your carry gun. I say you shouldn’t have your finger anywhere near the trigger unless you’re ready to fire and you shouldn’t brandish your weapon unless you’re prepared to use it. It’s also better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Reason #3 for carrying the Glock 26: parts commonality and scalability. The G26 uses every Glock 9mm magazine in existence. These are very common in the LE and civilian communities, as well as all over the world in military and security units. It shoots a common round: 9mm Para. So, you’re almost always able to find ammunition and mags. The G26 will accept flush fit 10-rounders (ideal for pocket carry), 15rd mags from the G19, 17-rounders from the original model 17, and 33rd stick magazines designed for the fully-automatic Glock 18. Some shooters like to say they use a handgun to fight their way back to their rifle. With the Glock 26, you can fight your way back to your 33rd stick mag! In my personal carry G26, I prefer adding the Glock +2 extender for pocket carry– affording me a robust 13+1 capacity. Want to run a suppressor? No problem. I had a Glock 19 barrel threaded down, but Storm Lake makes a match-grade 1/2-28 threaded G26 barrel for around the same price.

Reason #4: there’s something for everyone. With Glock, you either love OR hate the grip angle, feathered trigger, and polymer frame. If you’re one of the Glock faithful, there’s an entire cottage industry devoted to aftermarket accessories for your gun. You have your pick of the litter when it comes to holsters, iron sights, lasers, lights, recoil springs, internal parts, and other gizmos. When a new product is introduced in the shooting industry, you better believe you can get it for your Glock(s).

[click here for the Glock 26 photo gallery]

Here are some pics of my current model 26 set up just the way I like it. I did the grip stippling myself using a soldering iron. The night sights are Novak’s. The trigger connector is a 3.5lb Scherer and the magazines are all factory Glock. I used to pocket carry with an Uncle Mike’s Size 4 holster, but have recently embraced the Nemesis by DeSantis. In the waistband, my old Galco 2nd Amendment holster has served me well for many years. If you’re looking for an affordable concealed carry piece that’s utterly reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain and accessorize, take a look at the Glock 26.

Also, we’re just $2100 away from our goal of $7500 for the Night Stalkers. Please send out this link to anyone you think might be interested in donating to this good and just cause:


That’s all for today, my friends. Have a good one and God bless.

— Evan


It’s only been a week, but we’re more than half-way to our goal of raising $7500 for the 160th SOAR Night Stalker Association! I’m extraordinarily proud of our loyal clients for their honorable and charitable works. This is a tremendous showing of heart, solidarity, and support!

Thanks to those who have made a donation. Your support greatly reflects upon yourself and serves as a personal example of the selfless service that is a foundation of our military forces.

So far it has been a job well done, but we’re not ready to hang the “mission accomplished” banner just yet. At present, we still have 33 more hats– $3300 more to raise for these brave warriors. Night Stalkers Don’t Quit and neither can we. So, let’s pull together, put on another pot of black coffee, and finish this thing!

If you haven’t done so already, please tell everyone you know about the hats and the fund-raising mission. If you’re already told them, please tell them again. Here’s a little video I cooked up to promote the cause. Feel free to send it out to your network of contacts. We need all the support we can get!

Also, it’s time for our end of summer clearance sale. Check out all of the miscellaneous goodies here– including the LNIB used SCAR-L we used in our last video and an increasingly hard-to-find Robinson Arms XCR:



Without a doubt, this is the most important newsletter we have ever sent. It is a call to action, a rally of the troops, and a petition for help.

This year, On Point Firearms is a proud sponsor of the 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment’s Golf Tournament. The event benefits the Night Stalker Association. In the event one of these brave warriors doesn’t make it home, the Association helps send the unit members’ children to college. The Association is in dire need of our help. These are some of America’s most elite warriors and it’s a very important cause, which is why we’re asking for your support. We need all hands on deck for this one, my friends.

On Point has teamed up with the unit to create the official hat of the 3/160. The hats are of legendary quality– made in the USA by a former Green Beret. A lot of heart has gone into each and every stitch. The hats are black because these guys prefer flying at night. The front proudly displays 3rd Battalion’s logo. On the left side: the Night Stalkers insignia. The right side: an American flag. The letters NSDQ grace the back– a reminder of the unit’s motto: Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!

A limited number of 75 hats are available for purchase at $100 each. 100% of that purchase price goes directly to the Night Stalker Association and to families that need it the most. In short, we are trying to raise $7500 for these brave warriors and their families.

Please reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, members of your parish and community. Tell everyone you know. Send an e-mail. Message your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter. If you’re a member of a discussion forum, start a thread. Tell them about the hat and our mission. Tell them the best pilots in the world are members of the 160th SOAR and they need our help.

Night Stalkers Don’t Quit, and neither will we. They fight day in and day out for us. Now, we have the opportunity to fight for them. If you cannot afford a hat, perhaps you know someone who can. A few minutes out of your day telling others about this effort is an honorable contribution. So, please do you best to get the word out about these hats and our mission. Here’s a link to purchase:


Thanks for your support and God bless!

— Evan


Thanks to improved supply, we’ve been selling a lot of FN SCARs lately, but I never seem to see these things in action at our local ranges. Out of all of our clients, only my EOD and SEAL buddies have given me real world feedback. I’m almost ashamed to say that I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot one until last weekend.

We assembled our Great American Panel of experts, grabbed a new in box 16S SCAR Light, threw on some TW25B lube, Brownell’s rail covers, a Magpul AFG, and hit the road. We had to turn around and head back for ammo and mags. Then, we hit the road… again.

After a few hundred rounds of M193 55gr 5.56mm and cheapy dirty Brown Bear ammo, we could all agree that the SCAR has one of lightest and most controllable recoils in the business. This is one smooth and accurate shooting rifle! That feeling probably has a lot to do with the size of the bolt– almost twice that of the AR15. That larger surface area spreads out the recoil more gradually. As you can tell, I’m no engineer, but whatever it is that makes the SCAR so fun to shoot, FN did it right!

At the same time, that enlarged surface area is working against the SCAR. There’s a lot of naughty metal-on-metal action happening directly underneath those hand guards. The “hand guards” are essentially Picatinny rail sections bolted onto the receiver. That kind of friction creates massive amounts of heat. As a civilian sport shooter, I hardly ever wear gloves. Thankfully, I had my Oakley’s in my range bag. Jon just burnt the heck out of himself and keep shooting/cursing. The SCAR gets super FN hot under normal civilian semi-automatic conditions, so I can’t imagine how hot it gets under full auto military operations. Throw on a sound suppressor like our AAC SPR/M4, and it got even hotter– thanks to ample gas blowing back into the receiver AND our faces.

The SCAR didn’t have a single problem eating ammo, but it didn’t like all of the magazines we tried. It functioned perfectly with the OEM FN and USGI aluminum mags. As you’ll see in the video, it performed well with the steel England and polymer Magpul PMAGs also. However, you couldn’t slingshot the bolt forward with the latter types. As Jon demonstrates, you had to slap the bolt release paddle to get enough force to load rounds into the chamber. The new Magpul EMAG apparently solves this problem. Besides, who in their right mind even uses steel England mags anymore!? And to think I was real close to bringing along some old school Orlites.

So, is the SCAR perfect? No, but it’s darn good now and will be even better in the future. The heat sink problem isn’t much of an issue at all if you wear the fashionable “Ove Glove.” I’m sure FN will free float a different style hand guard over the receiver in the future. After all, they’re FN geniuses. They’ll FN think of something!

Click here to see the SCAR music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mRqEZ5K0TU

We tried to get in the spirit of the FN product line, so there’s a bonus music video of Crazy Bill’s PS90 and Five-seveN here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs33O-7Q_k8

We’ll have more for you soon. Until then, have a good week and God bless! – Evan


cash 4 guns

This past weekend, Task Force Bethy traveled to New York City to compete in the Nautica NYC Triathlon. She swam in the Hudson, biked down the highway, and ran through Central Park. You’ll be happy to know that the lil SEAL got 2nd place in her group– and 4th overall in the age groups.

While we were in New York, we heard advertisements for an NYPD “Guns for Cash” promotion. You know the drill: crims turn in their guns anonymously and receive cash… no questions asked. Thankfully, most of us still live in more gun-friendly states and enjoy our 2nd Amendment rights. So, we’re going to do our own version of the NYPD’s promotion:

It’s called Cash 4 Guns. From now until 28 July, we’re affording our loyal VIP clients a 2% discount on all purchases made. Just enter this coupon code on the site during checkout and save 2% instantly: CASH4GUNS

In this economy, every dollar counts. Make yours count more at On Point Firearms. Thanks again for your business. Have a good one and God bless. — Evan


As promised, On Point Firearms is proud to present you with video from our 2nd Annual 4th of July Silencer & Machine Gun Shoot. As with any epic, the soundtrack is important. So, we chose Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in E flat major, Op. 49. Thanks again to all of the shooters who made the event possible– especially our range safety officers: Wayne, Big Dave, and Jon S. Also a big shout out to Rick and Rob for driving all the way down from Ft. Rucker, Alabama just to shoot with us. We hope you enjoy the video. Start saving your ammo for next year!

[ click here for the video ]

Have a good one and God bless.

— Evan


Magpul’s new Angled Fore Grip is the best thing since sliced bread. On second thought, it’s probably safer to call it the best thing since the vertical fore grip. The AFG is revolutionary. You might even call it “dynamic.” After all, it hails from the company’s think tank for shooting: Magpul Dynamics. Whatever superlative you call it, make no mistake… the AFG is going to improve the way you shoot– guaranteed! ***

*** Note: The AFG is going to improve the way you shoot— probably!

For one thing, it’s certainly designed better than the TextEdit application on my Apple MacBook. It was quite frustrating writing this particular newsletter. Every time I typed “afg” the program automatically changed it to the word “fag.” I can’t figure out if my Mac is homophobic or flaming. I knew I should’ve never downloaded those Depeche Mode tracks!

The AFG is one of Magpul’s “theory-based products,” which basically means there was a lot of forward thinking involved in its development. The innovative design really takes the vertical fore grip to the next level by incorporating better body geometry. Magpul says the AFG “takes into account natural body mechanics and provides a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control.” In recent years, a lot of schools have been coaxing shooters into a more forward grip position, aligning the high hand with the bore– not unlike what you do with you support hand while shooting a pistol. This not only makes sense, but the practice also helps mitigate recoil and facilitates faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

If this is all sounding too crazy on paper, Magpul can help. They’ve produced a professional series of instructional DVDs. Whatever your skill level, you can definitely glean something substantial from these videos. In other words, they’re well worth the price of admission. Trust me. I watched them this weekend. I couldn’t hear what the instructors were saying because the Depeche Mode was cranked up, but I got the gist of it.

All joking aside, do yourself a favor and give Magpul’s new Angled Fore Grip a try. I think you’ll like it. That’s all for today, my friends.

Have a good one and God bless. — Evan

Price: $ 107.70

Price: $ 16.19

Price: $ 25.93

Price: $ 32.67

Price: $ 30.09

Price: $ 562.55


Last week, we sent out a newsletter about our great deals on BLACKHAWK! Several of our valued clients expressed concern over the safety of the SERPA line of holsters. So, I would like to address those concerns here.

It is well documented on the web that some SERPA users have experienced accidental discharges and/or injuries. As a result, some schools and instructors have banned the use of SERPA holsters in their courses. Covering your A is completely understandable– especially when you teach people how to shoot firearms. However, that doesn’t mean that SERPA holsters are unsafe. Accidents happen– even to the best of us. Here’s a timely example:

We celebrated my mom’s birthday on Sunday. My wife and I threw her a surprise dinner party with her friends last Friday and wanted to take her out to a nice quiet dinner on Sunday. However, Mother is stubborn like me and insisted on cooking her own dinner at home and invited us over. Minutes into dinner prep, she amputated the tip of her middle finger while chopping onions! We spent the majority of the evening and several hundred dollars in copay at the Emergency Room. Mom has decades of cooking experience and has chopped several thousand onions in her life, but one momentary lapse of focus and… “SNIKT!” (as the Wolverine comics used to say)

Firearms, not unlike a sharp set of Wusthofs, require your undivided attention at all times. Thankfully, guns don’t go off by themselves. If you shot yourself in the thigh while presenting your sidearm, it probably didn’t matter if you were wearing a SERPA, Galco, Bianchi, Safariland, or Uncle Mike’s. It was operator error. Elementary firearms safety reminds you to keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you’re ready to fire. A best practice is to index your finger along the side of the frame, outside of the trigger guard. The SERPA system actually reinforces this best practice. As with any holster, you should train with the SERPA system before you deploy it. That’s just common sense. In fact, I think it was even mentioned in Glenn Beck’s book of the same name.

Accidents happen– unfortunately more often to some of us. And those unlucky folks better train especially hard! After all, there’s an inherent risk involved with carrying a loaded firearm on your person. But you can mitigate that risk through proper training. The SERPA holster is a good piece of kit, just like the venerable Glock 22– but we’ve all seen that infamous video of a DEA agent shooting himself on Youtube. That only proves that “stuff” happens… consistently AND thoroughly. All you can do is train up and stay frosty, my friends.

Stay safe, keep that finger outside the trigger guard, and God bless!

— Evan

PS: Mom is doing fine and is very happy she injured her non-shooting hand!


Happy Friday, my friends! On Point Firearms is proud to offer our VIP clients a full range of tactical accessories from BLACKHAWK! We’ve got boots, pouches, SERPA holsters, chest rigs, armor plate carriers, gloves, and the new Warrior Wear line of tactical clothing. If BLACKHAWK! makes it, we can pretty much get it for you. As you know, BLACKHAWK! has a pretty substantial product line and we’re busy adding new skus everyday. So, if you don’t see something listed and need to order it right away, feel free to shoot me an e-mail with the BLACKHAWK! part number and we’ll get it sku’d up on the website for you right away. [click here for our BLACKHAWK! page]

Now has never been a better time to join our VIP program. Thanks to our growing volume, we have leveraged a lower credit card processing fee. That translates directly to more savings for you! We’ve also added a bunch of new items that our suppliers have just started carrying, so take a look. If you have any questions, let me know.

Price: $ 997.15 Price: $ 119.52 Price: $ 151.73
Price: $ 55.12 Price: $ 104.54 Price: $ 256.40

Thanks again for your business. Have a good weekend and God bless!

— Evan