Here’s the latest high performance offering from Germany: the Heckler & Koch P30SK “SubKompact.” This 9mm is perfect for concealed carry and has earned some sterling reviews from the firearms community. This one is a V1 with light DAO LEM trigger group and three (3) 10 round magazines. $799 includes FREE SHIPPING to your FFL dealer. Click here for more info and a nice video review from Mr. Colion Noir.


Today, we’re proud to announce two new exciting products from High Speed Gear: the Slick Plate Carrier (SPC) and Modular Plate carrier (MPC). They will be released next Monday, 3 AUG 2015, but you can pre-order them today and expect shipping sometime later next week. These two plate carriers are the natural progression of HSGI’s versatile line of gear– the fusion of HSGI’s innovative design and fine American craftsmanship. Both incorporate features from their popular SureGrip belts. As a result, the MPC and SPC plate carriers are incredibly stable and comfortable. You can use the 2” gripper elastic on the Slick Plate Carrier to create a perfect platform to deploy HSGI’s belt-mounted pouches. Click here to watch a video reviewing these new products. To order, click here.


The Griffin Armament Linear Compensator is the perfect compliment to the QD Blast Shield. It sends the unpleasant concussive blast where it belongs: down range. It’s a polite alternative to a traditional muzzle brake and your neighbors on the firing line will appreciate it. The QD Blast Shield works well with most standard muzzle devices, so if you’re fond of your current flash hider or brake, don’t worry. The QD Blast Shield slides right over and locks down with the help of an elegant retaining mechanism. The Linear Comp and Blast Shield are $99 and $150, respectively.

We are proud to be War Sport‘s newest dealer. In addition to complete rifle packages, we also offer upper receivers. They do not require an FFL dealer for transfer and ship directly to your home address. Click here for more info.

Fellow NRA members will recall the Ruger Precision Rifle on cover of the new American Riflemen. From initial reviews, this looks like a winner. Under $1500 MSRP and subMOA accuracy from a relatively lightweight and modular platform. We have the .308win variant on order and should be arriving soon. Add yourself to the waiting list here.

Finally, we have the hot new Heckler & Koch P30SK “SubKompact” coming later this week. Click here to reserve yours today. We’ll have a detailed photo gallery later this week.

Until then, have a good ‘un and God bless! — Evan


Here’s one of the coolest accessories for your AR15 to come along in awhile: the Griffin Armament QD Blast Shield. The QD Blast Shield is designed to shield you (and your buddies on the firing line) from the concussive blast that most muzzle devices produce. It’s especially handy at weekend-long courses when you don’t want the man next to you to despise you because of your ear-splitting muzzle brake. The QD Blast Shield slips right over most muzzle devices like the A2 flash hiders and brakes from Colt, Daniel Defense, Bravo Company, Knight’s, etc. Naturally, it also works with the linear compensator and other devices from its parent company: Griffin Armament. And even though it’s not classified as a silencer, it reduces muzzle signature at around 3dB to the guys next to you and 10dB to you, the operator. See that, I just called you an operator. Doesn’t that make you feel special? That reminds me of the time Brian Williams and I were… never mind.

The Griffin QD Blast shield is $150.

And while you’re shopping, we have a few new items in our clearance section worthy of a look. Everything is brand new, never used– except to photograph for these images. Therefore, the box is opened. But the discount is substantial. Everything is still warrantied 100% by its manufacturer and is in perfect condition. Have a look at these smoking deals:

SureFire Fury P3X 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight… MSRP $250… Open Box: $169
Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot w/ Cantilever Mount… MSRP $239… Open Box: $176
Colt 6920 M4 Carbine Magpul MLOK FDE… MSRP $1299… Open Box: $989

That’s it for today, my friends.  Have a good weekend and God bless you and yours. — Evan


Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of flak from our customers about the the high-priced automatic knives we’ve been featuring. Ironically, this criticism comes from some of my well-heeled clients. They’ve got the money, but simply don’t appreciate the utility (or beauty) of a knife costing as much as some firearms. To remedy the situation, I’ve decided to “keep it simple, stupid.” You’re looking at a knife that I’ve owned for over 15 years: the CRKT K.I.S.S. They’re $40 with FREE SHIPPING and they are the antithesis of the $300 pocket knife. It does everything you need it to do. It’s light. It’s sharp. And it’s a sturdy and rigid frame lock. It’s also the perfect size for pocket carry and doubles as a handy money clip. So there you have it, my friends: a knife that won’t break and the bank and is built to withstand many years of service. We truly have something for everyone here at On Point Firearms. Now, it’s time to complain about something else. I’ll leave you to it. 😉 Have a good ‘un and God bless. — Evan


You folks have asked for it and High Speed Gear has listened! Introducing the brand new, shit hot, Double and Triple pistol TACO pouches. They do exactly what their name suggests and they’re available in black, OD green, coyote brown, MultiCam, and the new Wolf Grey. Prices start at $52 and carry a full life-time warranty– and they’re MADE IN USA. Your rig just got a whole lot more high speed. Get you some of this. Click here.


Seekins Precision is known for their innovative, high-quality products. Embellish your next AR15 build with top tier parts from Seekins. Click here to check out our selection of parts.


Introducing the Don’t Tread on Me Starter Kit— including two (2) Gadsden t-shirts, two (2) morale patches, and a full-size, 3′ x 5′ Gadsden Flag, plus FREE SHIPPING for only $43.99. Keep both shirts for yourself or give one to a friend. The choice is yours, so Freedom on! ***NOTE: If used properly, this kit guarantees that at least two Americans are not tread on.


It’s official: On Point Firearms is proud to be War Sport‘s newest dealer. In the last couple of years, War Sport has experienced tremendous growth thanks to their innovative designs and strong presence in the firearms community. War Sport understands gun culture and it speaks our language. When you decide to become a War Sport shooter, you have made a statement that quality, innovation, and originality are your style. Welcome to the War Sport brotherhood! Click here to examine our War Sport LVOA line-up. These are exciting times, my friends. Have a good ‘un and God bless. — Evan



Introducing the new, Limited Edition Beretta 92 Trident 9mm with special skeletonized hammer and an exclusive wood grip featuring Beretta Trident medallions. The package also includes a Beretta cleaning kit and two (2) 15 round magazines. Suggested retail is $700, but our discounted price is only $549 including FREE SHIPPING to your FFL dealer. We have three (3) units available.